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Delivering the Goods
Each month we physically go to every municipality in and around the markets we service to collect the most recent data available on every new home being constructed.  There are typically 30-50 municipalities we work with throughout each market so our data harvesting is a significant undertaking. This manual process is necessary to obtain the most timely and useful data for our clients.

In most cases, you receive the data before the house is even framed.  This is relevant to you because the owners of these homes are squarely in the process of deciding which local businesses they'll be working with and buying from to complete their new home.

If these are the customers you want, we'll help you leverage this data to connect with them.

Some of the key data points we provide (as available):

  • Homeowner's Name(s)
  • HO's Current Address
  • HO's Phone Number
  • Address of New Home Being Built
  • Square Footage
  • Estimated Value of Construction
  • Builder
  • Builder's Phone Number 

Contact us to request a sample of the data we provide.